Values-Based Marketing

Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability

Wildfish Marketing, LLC is committed to supporting and promoting programs that align with the three cornerstones of our mission – environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Two of our founders pioneered bringing fresh wild salmon direct to market. We learned many lessons in those early days of the conversation. Today, Wildfish Marketing is building on that foundation to move the needle on how the fishing industry approaches profitability.

We strongly believe that wild salmon is a precious resource that, while abundant, needs to be protected. To that end, we want to find new ways to better utilize this resource for. At the same time, we feel it’s important to provide economic and social stability to the fishing communities that depend on salmon for their livelihoods.

Healthy Food

Consumers want healthy food that they can trace to its origin. We are working to connect that demand to the stories of the fishermen and to the health benefits of the Omega 3-rich wild salmon

Healthy Planet

Fishing communities need to be able to thrive for generations to come. That means harvesting and catching fish must be done in a way that minimizes the impact on the ecosystem.

Whole Fish Utilization

Only about half of a salmon is used for fillets, resulting in tremendous waste. In addition to supporting environmentally sound fishing practices, we are promoting the concept of utilizing the whole fish for better sustainability.

Fair Wages For Fishers

For decades, the fishers have suffered economically despite being the lifeblood of a billion-dollar seafood industry. We are working to turn the tide. We want to bring equality, economic stability and social justice to the families who work hard to deliver high-quality products to the consumers.