Our Founders

Wildfish Marketing


Warren “Buck” Gibbons dreamed of being an FBI agent. That quickly changed after a fishing trip to Bristol Bay with his brother-in-law, who convinced Buck that he belonged on a boat. Of course, growing up in Valdez, Alaska, Buck was not a stranger to the commercial-fishing industry.

He bought his first boat after graduating from Washington State University — and has fished commercially in Bristol Bay for 30 years. Prior to Wildfish Marketing, Buck co-founded Wildcatch with Jon Saarheim. They built long-term relationships in the seafood industry and were successful in marketing a wild salmon alternative to national retail companies.

While Buck truly has his finger on the pulse of the salmon business, his passion stretches beyond his company. He was previously a member of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Board. He has also promoted programs for young people, including through a nonprofit he founded in 2009 called Brushfire, which provided mentoring for students transitioning from middle to high school.

Buck serves as the CEO of Wildfish Marketing, and responsible for company strategy.


Jon Saarheim grew up in the fishing communities of Astoria, Oregon. At age 13, he began spending summers at Ekuk in Bristol Bay Alaska and set net at the family fish camp  with his younger brother, sisters and mother while his father worked at the local cannery. He later drift fished in skiffs and eventually power boats. These events sparked a passion that became a lifelong career.

Coupled with his interest in organic and healthy food, his fishing experience grew into a passion for sustainably harvested wild salmon. Jon was co-founder of Wildcatch marketing fresh, frozen and value added seafood  including pet to natural and organic retail grocery.

Jon has a bachelor of science degree in education from Western Oregon University. At Wildfish Marketing, he wears several hats including managing the new Fair Trade Certification  program for wild salmon and new product development.


Dustin Wiese came into the fishing industry following his graduation from Western Washington University. Starting out as a buyer sourcing fish throughout Alaska, he has gone on to develop fresh and frozen salmon programs for companies across the U.S.

His background includes all kinds of salmon adventures over his 15-year career in the industry. He has enjoyed working with programs like the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the Marine Steward Council. Recognizing the need for change in the fishing industry, he is dedicated to the work to bring both socially and environmentally responsible products to market. He holds a degree in economics, and is the Finance and Operations Director for Wildfish Marketing.