Fair Trade Certification

Wildfish Marketing

1. Partner Selection

Wildfish Marketing selects a partner, such as a processing facility or a seafood distributor, as a co-holder of the Fair Trade certificate. The certificate holders are responsible for overseeing the program’s implementation, providing training, and facilitating and funding the Fair Trade audits.

2. Audit Preparation

Wildfish works with the processing facility and fishing fleet to meet the Fair Trade standards and prepare for an audit and facility inspection.

3. Fisher Association Formed

A fisher association is formed, with a mission statement, rules and an elected leadership team.

4. Community Development Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is conducted in the community to identify priority areas for the community-development fund and to create a Premium Plan.

5. Fair Trade Committee Formed

A Fair Trade Committee is formed through a voting process to represent the interests of the fishers association as the intermediary to the certificate holder.